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We, the Peeps

Hi! I’m Tina, the author & illustrator of “You Can Do It, Bunny.” My posts can be found under the “I Don’t Live At Home Anymore!” drop-down. After I graduated from school, I spent some time struggling with the big un-to the-employment. Today, I work for a green startup, in addition to writing and publishing my own books. And blogging, sometimes. BTW, I generally split my time between beantown and dc (proud Jumbo & Hoya).

Gabby, my friend and guest blogger, is a rising senior at Emerson College. She is a marketing all-star, and wants to be Don Draper when she grows up. She’s passionate about music, and is a publicist/mom for the Boston-based band Foul Weather Fans. Check out her blogs, filed under “The Road to Real Life”

Our blogs are not just about jobs & careers… they will be more about life in general… but alas jobs and careers are a big part of that so yeah.


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