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Our Friends

Hey – if you like Go Bunny Books’ blog (or even if you don’t), here are some more awesome blogs to check out:


Bureaucracy for Breakfast: By Dina Gachman –  THIS is what happens when you lay off a WRITER. Dina is hilarious. As seen on Chelsea Handler, Huff Post & More.

Things That Shouldn’t Give Me Anxiety, But Do: By Caragh Poh – the title is pretty self-explanatory. ps – I love anxiety. Caragh is a writer for my fave website, Hello Giggles.

Continuity: By Erik Wilson – My friend Erik’s adventures as a photojournalist in Nepal & graduate student in London.

Welcome to Ladyville: By Kerry w – Kerry blogs about all things ladylike, and especially books. Not that I’m a TOTAL fangirl, but Kerry also writes for my fave website, Hello Giggles.

Jen Bokoff: Jen is a former classmate from college. Check out her work here – she’s an avid nonprofit-eer in NYC and blogger of all things this-and-that.

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