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Hello Giggles – Item of the Day!

“You Can Do It, Bunny” is a Hello Giggles “Item of the Day”!

I sometimes feel like a dork about this, but I love Hello Giggles – it’s cute and positive without being overly-OVERLY so. And somehow, they know things about me – like that I used to collect Lisa Frank *everything* when I was younger, or that I was an avid reader of the Babysitters Club books. Sometimes their articles make me burst out laughing. Other times, I chuckle quietly to myself.

I am a fan.

Thank you Hello Giggles!!! This is a huge honor 🙂


by Kerry Winfrey

When I graduated from college four years ago (can I get a moment of silence for my youth?), the economy was just starting to implode. I moved back in with my parents, went on tons of interviews and occasionally wished I’d majored in something a little more practical than creative writing. The interview process was basically all of the bad parts of dating, like being anxious and getting dressed up, and none of the good parts, like free dinners and the possibility of making out (unless you’re on a really weird, inappropriate interview). In short, it was the worst.

Those of you who recently graduated are probably dealing with a lot of the same things. The economy is still no great shakes and I’m sure interviewers are still asking questions like, “So what’s your biggest weakness?” Job hunting is frustrating and sometimes it can feel hopeless. If you’re currently dealing with general unemployment malaise, you should check out You Can Do It, Bunny!: Tales of a Young Animal’s Job Hunting Adventures.

Read the full article here

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