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The Long and Winding Road [Trip]

By Gabriella Iarrobino

I wear several hats. And I’m not talking the beanie type. Okay I actually do wear those sometimes but I am referring to the cliche of wearing metaphorical job hats.

One of those metaphorical hats is manager of the Boston based hardcore band Foul Weather Fans.

And how did I end up managing a hardcore band when I am usually rocking out to hip/hop or some “hipster nonsense” indie band? That is a question I will save for another day, and by another day, I mean another post.

This weekend, the band scored a gig at a bar in Atlantic City. That meant it was time to pack up my family’s mini van (affectionately called the MV) with musical gear and drive down to New Jersey.

The trip to Atlantic City took a total of 7.5 hours. In those 7.5 hours, I realized something. There is nothing quite like being locked in a car with some of your closest friends. You’re forced to do nothing but talk to each other or sit there in a comfortable silence. Actually, there was never really silence. I was in a car with three musicians so you know the soundtrack was first rate.

My friends are wholeheartedly dedicated to making this band their career. Their drive to make their passion a career inspires me. Although I may be slightly biased, they are some of the most talented people I have ever known. I believe in their ability to be at least the next Brand New, if not Green Day.

Being around them pushes me to believe more in my dreams and my art. Watching them plan their lives around making this band become a successful endeavor has only further cemented my career path to somehow make writing profitable. I always knew I wanted to be a creative in the advertising field, but surrounding myself with passionate artists has made me believe I can achieve this goal.

And at the end of the day, how can you complain when your friends are human jukeboxes?

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