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Kickstarter update – $1k reached!

THANK YOU to everyone who has supported my kickstarter project! It’s already reached the minimum funding goal, which is really awesome! 

Next – If I reach $2K, I’ll print the books in hardcover, instead of paperback. If I reach $6.5k, this is basically seed $ for me to be an indie publisher. 

It’s really nice that one year after graduation, most of us are employed enough to look back at the whole job-hunting fiasco and say “Ha, ha, ha! Job-Hunting Bunny. What a cute and sad idea.” 

However, I have a really good memory, and I recall that we were all basically traumatized by how stupidly difficult it was to job-hunt. The economy made everything really messed up. It was like up was down, and down was up. Pigs were flying all over the place. 

Please continue to help by SPREADING THE WORD. We all experienced the big painful life SUCK of having to apply for stuff. If you know of someone who is still going through this, please tell them about my book!

And as a reminder – let’s not be judgmental with our job-hunting friends – it’s not nice OR helpful!

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