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Kickstarter Joy: Projects I’ve Backed

Kickstarter is a lot of fun, because it’s a little bit like shopping. But even better, because the products you put your money toward are more than just items … they contain larger slices of somebody’s dream in them.

I’m a little bit new to this, but here are the three projects I’ve backed so far:

Amanda Palmer’s “Amanda Palmer – The new RECORD, ART BOOK, and TOUR”

Amanda “F*ing” Palmer is so cool. She’s indie-famous, having been formerly the lead singer of a band called the Dresden Dolls. Google some youtube videos. Her performances are incredible. She’s also from my hometown of Lexington, Massachusetts. I think it’s admirable that she wants to break away from the traditional model of producing music. It’s awesome that her fans are helping her keep doing what she’s doing. Check out the kickstarter page for clips of new music with her new band, the Grand Theft Orchestra.

Julian Marshall’s “OBEY THE GIANT – The First Narrative Film about OBEY”

I love Shepard Fairey. The ICA in Boston did a display of his work a few years ago, and it was totally mindblowing that they were able to bring so much large-scale street art indoors in one place. I learned some new things about the Obey story from watching the clip attached to the project. By the way, Shepard himself is backing the project, so you know it will be good.

Charles DeYoe’s “Unemployment Quest – a non-epic RPG”

This last one is just so funny that I had to support it. DeYoe describes himself as a “library scientist, hard-core nerd, and all-around awesome guy.” I couldn’t stop laughing at his kickstarter video. He is really shamelessly nerdy and funny. He reminds me of some of my friends. Basically the story is that he’s been long-term unemployed “I found myself wishing that I could fight the real-world challenges as easy as fighting the monsters in the role playing game. So, instead of having trolls, orks, and cobalts, you will have nagging fears, doubt and isolation.” Way to go! ps – Omg and the comments were cracking me up just as much as the video.

Oh, and I don’t know if I mentioned this or anything, but my project is also pretty cool, too! Go Bunny!

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