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a BIG thank-you (kick-off book reading at Back Pages Books, Waltham)

Being Awkward on a Stage, In Front of People

Yesterday was the inaugural kick-off book launch/book reading for “You Can Do It, Bunny!” at Back Pages Books in Waltham, MA. I could NOT have possibly asked for a better evening, and so I have a lot of people to thank. The room was literally packed with people who came for the book reading. Every seat was filled, and there were still a large number of people standing. Amazing!

Alex from the book store gave us a really lovely introduction.

Caragh had a bit of car difficulties getting to the bookstore, but she made it on time, and dazzled the crowd with her rendition of “I’ll Bet Taylor Swift Never Ate Too Many Chimichangas at a Mexican Family Style Restaurant”

I read my book, cover to cover, and explained a bit of the inspiration behind the book. Yep, the book’s basically about how much it sucks to apply for jobs in this economy. But it’s also about more than that – it’s about the power of our friends and family to be a support network. It’s about staying persistent and optimistic. It’s also about believing that somewhere, there’s a job that will be the right “fit.”

Also, I explained how this whole “publishing” thing works. It’s a big challenge to create a book. There’s a lot of stuff that happens behind the scenes – but I’ve totally loved every step along the way.

We ended the evening with a game of “Never Have I Ever” about stupid things we’ve all done or stupid situations we’ve found ourselves in. Here are just a few that I remember:

“Never Have I Ever … embarassed my family during Parents Weekend by stealing tupperwares full of cookies”

“Never Have I Ever … taken up napping on park benches in graduate school.”

“Never Have I Ever … deposited eight dollars into my bank account just so I could take out a twenty”

“Never Have I Ever … missed an exam because I was up until 4 am the night before watching reruns of Cops.”

Thank yous to friends and family

I am really grateful to my friends and family who drove long distances to be there. Waltham is a liiitttle bit off of the beaten path, so it means a lot to me that someone would battle the traffic just to see me read my book at the store. Also thank you to friends who came there straight from work!

Some of the friends who were in attendance were friends from middle school and high school, who I had not kept in great touch with in college and beyond. Literally between the last time I saw them and now, these friends have grown up, gotten married, and bought houses.

I was fortunate enough to take a professional photoshoot, managed by my cousin, Ria, the photographer. I posed in front of a colorful wall, and some vintage-looking bookcases. Unfortunately, I did not realize how flat my hair had become, because I had used my boyfriend’s shampoo instead of my own that morning, alas.


  • Back Pages Books – Robin and Alex
  • Caragh Poh & people coming in from Bridgewater
  • My family, and Ann for making the cake
  • Ben, The Bradfords
  • Ria – for taking lots of pictures
  • Lots of friends – including friends who I literally haven’t seen in YEARS
  • People coming in from Brandeis – don’t be afraid of job-hunting! Good luck!!
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