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Habitats: The Coffeeshop (Harvard Square Starbucks)

Location: Boston

I’m in Boston, working remotely today, because my book reading is tomorrow! If you’re a Bostonian and you see this, you’re invited! Please come on by. I’ll be reading “You Can Do It, Bunny!” in front of a projector screen. Caragh Poh from Hello Giggles is joining me, and she’ll be reading one of her funny blogs. If you have anxiety about your life, you should definitely join us – we have anxiety about our lives too, and are excited to word-vomit our hopes and fears with you.


My current location, for all you stalkers, is the new Starbucks in Harvard Square, at the corner of JFK and Mass Ave. The music they’ve chosen has been really good (like my Pumped up Kicks Pandora station). This Starbucks is 2 levels, and the top level is all seating area. There’s good lighting, huge windows with a view of Harvard University, and the design is really nice – floors resembling reclaimed wood, academic-style giant wooden tables. Chandeliers that look like the Restoration Hardware globes. A reading nook with built-in bookshelves, an oriental rug, and studded leather couches. There’s even a corner for jam bands to play.

Beat THAT.

I wish I had the ability to take a time-lapse video of Mass Ave. It’s raining out, and that makes it all the comfier inside here. There have been some awesome umbrellas. I love the Boston “T” buses – giant, awkward, outdated – whatever – these are the buses I grew up riding on with my grandma to the grocery store because she didn’t like driving cars.

Oh, and I wrote this blog in 10 minutes flat. I think that the Harvard smartness is rubbing off on me. Yes.

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