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A public display of my love for Society6

Speaking of my awesome new iPhone, I happen to be completely aware that I’m a total klutz, and so I had a pretty sweet iPhone cover protecting it. Anyways, I had my hands full at Whole Foods, juggling in addition to my iPhone,  a bottle of wine, a package of sliced watermelon and other summer fruit, and other things NOT to be dropped. Lo and behold, my iPhone fell from my butterfingers, gravity accelerating it to the ground. It landed corner side first against the Whole Foods linoleum tile, and my TechCandy case broke.

If you don’t know the whole story behind Go Bunny Books, I had struggled with the big “un” to the “employment” for quite a bit earlier in the year, but now am in the process of re-integrating myself with the ways of society, and meandering back to my consumerist roots.

Which includes shopping … I love shopping … Time to get a new iPhone case.

I came home, and Googled iPhone covers… and discovered a WEALTH of BEAUTIFUL art-slash-utilitarian iPhone covers at Society6! I’m not sure how much protection these cases offer (reminder – I am a super-klutz), but as someone who loves the following:

  • colors
  • patterns
  • brush strokes
  • surprising arrangements of geometries
  • animals
  • vintage-inspired prints
  • shiny things

I immediately fell in love with many, many of the iPhone covers featured on the website.

To explain Society6 further, they’re kind of like Etsy – they feature ART from REAL ARTISTS, and they turn the art into items including but not limited to sweatshirts, iPhone skins, iPhone and iPad hard covers. I.e., stuff people buy / actually spend money on. I’m so happy that this site exists – in addition to being pretty cool/hipster-y, it also gives artists a new way to monetize their work, and gives people a new way to utilize and experience artwork.

And now, online shopping fans, here are just a few of my favorites that I came across (yes I’m aware that some of these have made their ways into the Apple Store):

“Up” by Derek Temple 

“Too Tall” by Mariana Beldi

“Salt Water Cure” by Tina Crespo

“Peacock Feather” by Love2Snap

God there are so many others … go shopping!

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