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Posing: Home-Style

aw – looks like my cousin’s pup, Pillow!

The Dante Diaries

When SHE got home last night…I was waiting for HER.  I was so excited to see HER that I forgot that I am not supposed to go into the living room and I’m definitely not allowed up on the furniture out there…oooops I forgot.  But I gave HER my I Missed You Face and it did the trick…I got a hug instead of doublegate…that was close!


SHE must have really been tired to forgive me so easily…but I’m not questioning the result – a hug is a hug!  But then I got a big surprise…we were going struttin’ but we were staying home…huh?  I was trying to figure it out too.  SHE changed HER clothes but not HER usual UGLY walking stuff.  SHE put on HER Gator stuff and flip-flops…picked out some of my newest Bo-Bos and out back we went…NO Leash…that’s right: No leash.  What was up with…

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