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On being broke

I watch New Girl fairly religiously – I find that show hilarious. There’s one scene in particular, which I kept rewinding on my hulu because it was making me laugh THAT MUCH:


Winston: The subject of this talk is the debt of money between us-
Nick: Oh man! I thought this was about something serious. You set that up like it was about something different. This is about the poker? No, I’ll pay you your money. Relax!
Winston: [Winston pulls out a piece of paper] If I am reading this section, then I can only assume you have told me to relax.
Nick: You wrote that?
Winston: Let me assure you, I am very relaxed, although I have very good reason not to be, as you owe me a very large sum.
Nick: I will pay the money, you clown.
Winston: I am aware that we are both broke, one of us embarrassingly so. [points to Nick] I have recently tumbled down the socioeconomic ladder and have hit rock bottom, where you, Nick Miller, have been waiting patiently for the past 15 years. But I want that money. Give me my money. I really mean it. It’s my money. You owe me that money, so give me my money, seriously.
Nick: Are you finished?
Winston: Where is the money, dude?
Nick: You wrote ‘dude’?
Winston: But I am not without pity. I am willing to just call it an even $200

I cannot say exactly why, but sometimes I find “being broke” the most hilarious thing ever. But first, an important clarification: only certain “types” of broke are funny to me. In general, being broke and downtrodden, and stuck at the bottom is not funny at all.

The type of broke I find funny is the type where there is still hope of one day not being so broke. Where behind the brokeness is some sort of larger goal, (An ill-defined dream. An undeniable talent.) and some sign that the brokeness is only temporary, if even long-term temporary. And also some implicit confidence that to every yin, there’s also a yang; that what falls down will eventually also rise back up.

Strangely, this broke and the other broke are really similar, only separated by the hope, goal, and confidence bits.

Anyways, 10 seasons from now (or whatever), the New Girl cast characters will do their flashback reunion, where Nick, Winston, Jess, and Schmidt will have ironed their lives out. They’ll have houses and babies, and laugh (ha ha ha!) about that time they lived together in a shared loft with a broken elevator. Or otherwise, if Nick really does end up alone and living in a dumpster, he will somehow still find a way to be happy as a clam.

– All opinions are my own. Go Bunny Books is not affiliated in any way with FOX/New Girl.

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