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iPhone photo dump

In regard to my mobile telecommunications device, I am what the experts would refer to as a “technological laggard.” Mashable and TechCrunch would entirely frown upon the flip phone I used to use up until just three years ago.

My lack of a smart phone got to be pretty pathetic – I get lost really easily having no internal sense of direction, and I’m no repository for facts, so I have to google a lot of stuff. Eventually I got a Blackberry Curve – but that too got phased out by advancements quickly enough to the point where my blackberry also was a sign of my caveman-like inability to keep up with technology. Not to mention that I busted the screen by accident to the point where there was an actual HOLE where rocks and dust could get stuck on the inside, between the plastic and the monitor. And yet, honestly, the only reason I ever gave up my blackberry was because it literally just stopped working one day.

Anyways, fast forward to October 2011: I finally got an iPhone. It’s pretty awesome, even though I still haven’t downloaded “Draw Something” or the fishtank game.

The whole point of this giant monolouge is to introduce a series of pictures I’ll show next: my iPhone photo dump.  By far, the best thing about upgrading to an iPhone is my new ability to take decent pictures. I’ll snap up pictures of random things that make me smile. And soooo… here are just a few.

Fancy coffee:Image

taken at Napoleon – brunch in DC

A happy squirrel, clearly up to no good:


Taken in Boston Commons, Boston, MA

Insane amounts of double-fried chicken wings:


Taken at BonChon in Allston, MA

My favorite coffee mug in the entire world:

Featuring Bunny, my love


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