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If only I had a little bit more disposable income and a little bit less shame

If only I had a little bit more disposable income and a little bit less shame,* this is what I would do with my cash monies:

* on the shame thing: I’m 27 years old, and the other day, my boss (a nationally recognized interior DESIGNER) gave my North Face backpack a *look* … so … yeah.

1. Anicase:

Adorable animal iPhone covers. There are six different animals to choose from, and each is an animal that is endangered. So therefore, I would purchase all six, and rotate them for Monday-Saturday, and then draw sticks for which gets an extra day of use on Sunday. BTW, 10% of proceeds go toward saving endangered species, which of course is cool. originally spotted via Daily Candy

2. Jellycats:

I am in love with these coft, cuddly stuffed animal imports from England. They’re in every posh boutique right now, having found their sweet spot with the “stay-at-home moms with i-banker husbands” demographic. I am fortunate enough to have a Jellycat of my own, given to me as a gift by my boyfriend’s mom. (Bonus: MY Jellycat is a bunny rabbit, for which my boyfriend’s mom actually created an OUTFIT inspired by “Bunny” from my book, “You Can Do It, Bunny!“. i-banker husband can’t even come CLOSE to that level of awesomeness!)

But anyhow, IF I had endless disposable income, I’d actually purchase one of each Jellycat animal and create a Jesus nativity scene in a room of my imaginary expansive mansion.

3. Big Grizzly Bear Bean Bag

This last one is practically a no-brainer. It’s a giant, handmade bean bag chair that looks like a sleeping grizzly bear. It beautifully blends form and function, and would be a welcome addition in my living room, alongside my ikea furniture and my roomie’s house plants. spotted via Hello Giggles

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