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Book proofs are here!

I have never given birth. But. I imagine that writing a book is a liiiiiitle bit like giving birth, in that there are so many milestones along the way before the actual big event of releasing that squirming little bundle of joy into the world. (This is of course a very inaccurate analogy, but you get the point, I hope).

September 2011 – Came up with idea for book

October 2011 – Began writing manuscript

November 2011 – Finished first collection of drawings

December 2011-February 2012 – Refined drawings, added new drawings, revised manuscript

March 2012 – Completed layout & graphic design, signed deal with printer

April 2012 – PROOFS ARE HERE! Proofs are just loose pages of a book. A proof gives you a last chance to catch any mistakes, and gives a sense of how the book will look like once it is assembled.

Now, let’s hope that my book launch is more like Parenting Magazine, as opposed to Teen Mom.


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  1. Gaby #

    Great job Tina! Keep it going! How far back does Bunny’s experience go? There needs to be something in there about working with dirt.

    March 31, 2012
    • hahahahaha. bunny’s quest to find her career identity takes a lot of turns. Geotechnical engineer isn’t specifically covered … but did you notice that her boyfriend, the Bear, wears a hard hat and is holding engineering drawings?? 🙂

      March 31, 2012

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