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10 Things that I’ve Learned From My First 21 Years

By Gabriella Iarrobino

This past weekend I celebrated the big two one and felt compelled to blog about it. I wrote a few paragraphs that were vaguely introspective and a tad deep. But then I realized everything I needed to say could be summed up in this list. So cheers, I don’t get sappy too often so enjoy it while it lasts.

  1. Find something you love to do. Pursue it. Research colleges until you find the one that has the best program in it. Go. Ignore other people’s opinions. You’ll have the last laugh when you’re living a fulfilled life and they are working at jobs they hate because it’s “safe.”
  2. Surround yourself with people that make you smile. Life is too short to be filled with friendships that cause you heartache and drama. Cut out the people who don’t deserve to be there. It will be hard at first, but in the long run you will feel lighter.
  3. Call your Mom as often as possible. You may be “like OMG so busy with class and friends and clubs and work and everythinggggg” but those ten minutes out of your day will make hers. No one wants to hear about your life as much as she does. And I don’t know about yours, but my mom even loves to hear about the latest gossip. “She did not say THAT!”—direct quote from her
  4. You don’t have to go to the big party on Saturday night to have fun. My favorite memories involve a night in with close friends. How can you even hear each other over the crappy house music blaring over the speakers?
  5. Don’t ever allow a romantic partner to treat you poorly. As soon as disrespect enters the equation, you leave it. Again, life is too short to spend it with someone who doesn’t treat you with the respect that you deserve.
  6. Stand up for what you believe in. It can be something as large as political beliefs or as trivial as what music you like. If someone is hatin, tell them to stop.
  7. Allow your beliefs to be challenged. Don’t be a brick wall when it comes to discussion. You’ll be surprised at what you can learn by listening to other’s opinions.
  8. Take in the creative work of others. Read. Watch TV or a movie. Go to a concert. You always feel most inspired after watching a breathtaking film or listening to a hard-hitting song.
  9. Don’t be a picky eater. Try everything once. You never know what will end up being your new favorite dish.
  10. This last one is cliché but it’s cliché for a reason: live, laugh, and love.
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