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Game on … Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl

By: Renee Wurth

Being a recent transplant from Ohio, I find it difficult to muster up any genuine enthusiasm for the Super Bowl.  I basically want the Pats to win, for the sole reason that I wouldn’t mind catching the resulting parade & shenanigans.  Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy watching football (it’s essentially a pre-req if you were raised in Ohio or went to Ohio State), but the NFL drags on a bit, and its players all tend to be rather overly dramatic.  I sometimes posit that it has far too many similarities to a daytime soap opera, especially since the announcers never fail to delve into each player’s love life (think Reggie Bush & Kim Kardashian old fling).

So then, what is a way to show Super Bowl spirit without having to pick Pats or Giants?  Choosing your preferred canine is the puppy bowl of course!  Animal Planet created a rather adorable replacement for those non-pig skin fanatics, and is now in its eighth year running.  The line-up is notably more lovable, making it even more difficult to pick sides or start wagering bets.  The kick-off is at 3pm EST, making for a perfect pre-game (football, that is) paw-ty.

Image & info Courtesy of :

(When looking a pictures try to imagine the enjoyment of actually taking these photos, with the obvious requirement for the puppy to have a far-off stoic expression.  hilarious).

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