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College Culture: A Profession of my Love for Emerson College

Full disclosure. I was a nerdy misfit in high school. I had a handful of friends and would watch from the sidelines with my study guides as the in crowd would go off and party in the woods.

In retrospect, I am glad I made the decisions I did, but at the time I felt like I didn’t belong.

When the college application process came, I was so preoccupied with what major to study that I never really took the time to consider the culture of the college. It never even crossed my mind to even think about it.

I ended up choosing Emerson College because of their impressive advertising and marketing program. And, I never looked back.

I am extremely lucky. I picked the perfect college for me without even knowing it. All of the people here are like me. They were the nerdy misfits who had secret passions for different fields that were unrecognized in high school because they were surrounded by people that partied in the woods. At Emerson, the nerdy misfits now go by a different term: hipsters.

I am fortunate enough to have wonderful friends in my life due to the relationships I’ve developed over the years at Emerson. I know I am in the right place and have never doubted that for a second.

My advice for high school seniors is to check out the culture of the college before you sign your decision letter. Find out if friends have older siblings at your prospective colleges and see if they’ll have coffee with you or even let you stay for the night. This will be the completely unedited view of the college, outside the constraints of the admissions office.

Research! You might not end up as lucky as I was.

PS. This accurately depicts what it is like to go to Emerson College on a daily basis.

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