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Duct Tape: The Frugal (wo)Man’s Leather

Leopard-print, Duct Tape, and Snooki from the Jersey Shore! Sounds like a train wreck that you can’t take your eyes off of. And yet, our artistic souls find this combination just fabulous.

By: Renee Wurth

When you mention duct tape, my immediate word association draws me to red necks and S & M (make whatever Freudian interpretation you wish).  Hence: my skepticism when reading an article about duct tape as a fashion statement (see bottom for link).  A close up shot of Snooki doesn’t do much to absolve this cynicism towards duct-tape-as-ashion users.

But then, I took a step back & pondered on all the rough spots that duct tape has helped me through.  Even back when it was only available in gunmetal gray, it served to suture most any tear & if you had about 2 rolls handy, you honestly could adhere someone to the wall.  Maybe these attributes can help it overcome the red neck stigma and allow it to finally make a legit break into the fashion world (scholarship incentive high school prom dresses  not included).   If Lil Wayne can turn a band aid into a fashion accessory, then I guess I could give a duct tape purse a try.  Sure, it would beat dropping hundreds on the latest designer doo-dads.  And, given the inevitable wear and tear, at least it would be cheap and simple to reupholster.

-Check out’s Duct Tape Club for more fun ideas …


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