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On a serious note … if you haven’t done so, please consider reaching out to your congressman to protest SOPA & PIPA.
My note to Congressman Markey (MA) – Jan 18, 2012

Dear Congressman Markey,

I am writing to you today to join the many voices across the nation that are speaking out against SOPA and PIPA.

Back in May, I had graduated from school, and had immense trouble finding employment. In reaction to this struggle, I channeled my frustrations into writing and illustrating a humorous tale about a job-hunting bunny. The book was met with positive reviews, and as a result, I decided to publish it. However, instead of going the traditional route, pitching to publishing houses, I created a small business, and am now in the process of publishing the book on my own.

As an entrepreneur and small-business owner, I am deeply troubled by the possibility that excessively severe regulation of the Internet could stifle the knowledge-sharing that has enabled me to get as far as I have come today. Without any prior experience in artwork techniques, the publishing industry, or the mechanics of web design, I managed to build my book AND my web-based company from scratch, using information gained from resources that I had found online – including, but not limited to, blogs, Wikipedia, user-generated Youtube videos, forums, news aggregators, and crowd-sourcing websites. I, like many others, feel strongly that SOPA and PIPA could have disastrous spill-over effects that would endanger these communication platforms, and make people think twice before exercising their right to Freedom of Speech.

As the author of a book, I can understand the desire to protect IP. However, I also acknowledge that the book would be nothing but a figment of my imagination, if not for free and unhindered sharing of knowledge on the Internet.

Thank you for your attention,
Christina Mercado

Author & Illustrator of “You Can Do It, Bunny!”
Founder of Go Bunny Books

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  1. Dear wordpressers – spread the word! #sopa

    January 18, 2012

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