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Brilliant Stop Motion Short (Snowman/Sandman Romance) …

By: Tina Mercado

On extraordinary romances: I came across this video when I clicked on a link in my friend Kate’s gchat status. I urge you to take a look – resist the temptation to close the window after the first five seconds! If you love sappy novels, movies about doomed relationships that miraculously work out in the end, or even mismatched animal pairings, you should definitely check this video out.

By: Renee Wurth

On stop-go animation: Our multitasking society has demonstrated a general decline in patience. As an example, with the postal office nearing extinction, most can hardly even recall the idea of communicating via ‘snail mail’ anymore – Twitter, facebook & email have made it a relic of the past. Still, I believe that patience and dedication to detail can, in itself, be beautiful.

As a proponent of stop-go animation (since circa Tim Burton’s “Nightmare Before Christmas”) I am always eager to find new and imaginative forms of this painstaking, yet awe-inspiring form of art. Another of my favorite filmmakers, Wes Anderson, worked with this technique in the hit flick “Fantastic Mr. Fox”. The amount of time required to produce one of these magnificent movies is symbolic of the filmmaker’s true dedication to the craft, which in turn has inspired awe in myself and many others.

So, without further ado, we present to you a lovely short video, entitled “Bottle” by Kirsten Lepore


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