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U-can-too Ukulele

By: Renee Wurth

At one point, like most people, I made a go at the art of origami. Sometime around 3rd grade it was especially trendy (the jumping frogs mostly) so I saddled up and purchased an origami teaching kit & got to work. Fast forward through a several hours of rather ornate paper balls (I did master a paper cup …and so can you) and you reach the summation of my adventure into origami. In later years, when I began to development some patience and sense of perseverance I think I was able to craft a few of the simpler objects. But never with the pristine lines, and delicate form that is the true objective of origami art.

This background on my personal experience made the following video (& article) all more incredible (and aggravating). This MIT alumni, Brian Chan, has designed and executed the mount Everest of origami, an actual fully functioning ukulele. In the video, he casually talks about the simplicity of this all. Albeit, he does have the assistance of a laser cutter to ensure absolute precision on the design, but that does not discount the crazy amounts of engineering (lots and lots of math) required. For some perspective, most sites I found said that it took several days to make a more flimsy travel version yourself, one that doesn’t even fold up for storage.

Allowing my origami envy to subside, I like watching this video to remind myself what we all are capable of. Brian has managed to turn his favorite hobby into a lucrative job that also brings joy to others. This parallels the Go Bunny message and can hopefully aid in inspiration for all of us to keep on dreaming big. In the meantime, you can always have a traveling ukulele to chase away the blues.


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