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It’s Star Wars o’Clock

By Tina Mercado

As a newcomer to Star Wars, I am fast-immersing myself in the awesome pop-culture ecosystem surrounding these epic movies.

I will certainly write more on this at a later time.

Meanwhile, check out these Star Wars jokes, via They make GREAT conversation starters at parties.


Yoda and Obi-Wan walked into a bar and bought a 5 dollar drink.
Yoda, seeing that he only had 4 dollars asked Obi-Wan, “Have a dollar do you? A little short I am.”

Luke and Obi-Wan are in a Chinise restaurant and Luke’s having trouble.
Finally, Obi-Wan says, “Use the forks, Luke.”

Darth Vader and Luke.
Suddenly in the middle of the fight, Darth Vader pulls Luke to him, and whispers “I know what you’re getting for Christmas!”
Luke exclaims “But how??!?”
“It’s true Luke, *breath* I know what you’re getting for Christmas.”
Luke tries to ignore this, but tears himself free, screaming “How could you know this?!”
Vader replies, “I felt your presents.”

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