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Scones: the poor man’s breakfast on a budget

By Christina Mercado

Well, another Monday has come and gone. If yours was anything like mine, it started off with the likeness of a slow-moving invertebrate. Luckily, my day picked up once I got close to work. Why, you ask? Oh, it’s a very simple reason.

The reason is …

that there is a very delicious pastry shop just next door to my office. It is a happiness force-field for me, and my hungry stomach is the small grain of magnetically charged iron. Kafe Leopold in the Georgetown area of Washington D.C. is a calming and beautiful spot, tucked away in a lesser-traveled alley. Actually, it is situated as part of the Leopold Gallery, so if you could just imagine the type of European-inspired cafe that would be included as part of such an upscale art gallery, that would be it.

‘…gorgeous torts and a surprisingly extensive menu…’ says the Economist

Unfortunately, price-points for food at Leopolds are rather high, and I still am haunted by poor-student circumstances. Therefore, I require myself to adjust my pastry shop-loving behavior to account for this. The solution? Scones!

Scones, the poor man’s breakfast on a budget, is my solution to this predicament. At $3.50, it is priced significantly lower than Leopold’s other offerings ($6.50 for the ‘Papillotte’ praline meringue, $7.75 for the ‘Joghurt Musli’ yogurt-parfait, or $10.00 for the ‘Fruhstuck’ smoked salmon).

The scones at Leopolds are very good – crispy on the outside, softer on the inside, and hints of bacon, scallions, and cheese.

Thank you, Scones, for providing just the mood adjustment I needed in order to start my week!

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