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Babies, Bringing the World Together

By Renee Wurth

Something about two baby polar bears nestled together just makes people want to raise their voice 4 octaves, bring their arms up in T-rex fashion & start into baby talk. The fact that these very same animals will grow up to be 500lb creatures capable of literally crushing us doesn’t seem to register. We repress this idea, assuming all wild animal baby scenarios play out just like Christian the Lion.

Baby-anythings bring out the real altruism in all of us, which is why I like to quote a friend of mine in saying, “sometimes I think the world would be a much better place if I could just turn everybody I hated into puppies.” Of course, that would also require for somebody to science (now being used as a verb) out a special anti-growth hormone that results in them being perpetually kept at the puppy phase.

This platform for world peace may seem a bit shaky. Perhaps my beauty pageant answer isn’t quite as articulate as something Miss South Carolina could compose. But, the next time you’re upset or down, just bear in mind (pun most definitely intended) WWBD … what would babies do?

Yours Truly,

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