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Flopsy the Bunny

By Christina Mercado

Dear Readers:

Let me introduce you to someone near and dear to the Mercado family: Flopsy, my sister’s late pet bunny rabbit. Soft and gentle with milky brown fur, oversized ears, and a fluffy cotton ball tail, she was capable of making our hearts feel warm and fuzzy, even on the grayest of days.

Flopsy’s cuteness commanded our attention. For her, it opened doors and expanded horizons.

When we took baby Flopsy home with us, she lived in a little cage, where she had all her needed amenities (hay, water, food pellets). And yet – she wanted more.

Eventually, we gave in to her desires to see more of the house. At first, we left the cage door open, but confined her to the office. But later, we left the office door open, too. She would hop into the hallway and though we would leave our bedroom doors shut, she would manage to nudge them open with her little fuzzy nose.

Imagine if you made it a habit of chewing on furniture and electronics cords. Why, this would be considered a legitimate act of vandalism, and you would probably be punished accordingly. However, each time our cute little culprit committed this infraction, she would gaze back at us with her innocent beady eyes.

We would promptly downgrade her crime to a petty misdemeanor, because it was clear that she meant no harm. ‘Okay, Flopsy. We will forgive you once more. Actually, it is our fault – we should have given you more toilet paper rolls to play with.’

She was masterful at diminishing the severity of any unpleasant situation with her boundless cuteness. She has taught me so much, and her legacy lives on through the book and in our hearts.


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